Historical Villa Savoja Lake Como
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Moltrasio, Via Regina 1.
Historical Villa Savoja Lake Como
Listing status: Active
Property type: exclusive Country Properties
Property ID: 9
Listing type: House for sale
Rooms: 23
Bathrooms: 4
Bedrooms: 5
Built year: 1900
Lot size: 1700 Sqrt
House size: 500 Sqrt

Villa Savoja was the first house built on the east coast of Moltrasio, lake of Como in 1857. the exposition is east /south, the sun rises in front of the house, the sunset behind it projecting on the lake a peculiar and soft light which amplifies the sweetness of the twilight hours.

It is situated right on the shore of the lake, therefore accessing the water is easily done, especially during the evening when the water is clearer and more calm.

The architecture is very unique, designed by the engineer Giovanni Savoja, his particular style has subsequently influenced many others villas on the lake, which have adopted similarly the Central Tympanum with the round window in the middle.

The historic documents have allowed us to understand the remarkable ability of the builders of that time, to construct such an iconic piece of architecture upon the shore of the Lake of Como.

The mountain behind the villa has been cut to create the gardens, and with its rocks the basement on the lake’s shores has been built. the property delineated by the 2 little towers at the end of each garden, right and left from the villa.

In the central part of the property, over a large rock towards the water, the foundations of the house have been laid, which are also the vault of the boat house.

A masterpiece of engineering of the canturini masters.

The villa has a rectangular and asymmetric perimeter: below the boat house which has the same surface of the villa. there are 5 rooms in the ground floor, 2 with chimneys, plus 1 bathroom. 5 bedrooms on the 1st floor with 2 bathrooms, and on the second floor the attic.

The overall surface, without the boat house, is more or less 500 square meters.

The villa is preserved in its original state, without receiving any renovations or modifications.

The railings, the doors, the floors are still the original ones, testimony of the quality of the materials used.

The garden is 1.700 square meter and is characterized by 4 cedars of Lebanon which have been planted in the same period of the construction of the house.

Today are the big 4 giants which protect the house. the end part of the garden has a second access to the lake, a part from the stair located on the side of the villa.

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