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Thanks to years of experience in the luxury real estate market House&Luxury, has reached a level of specialisation and professionalism designed to increase and significantly improve the range of qualified services and operational capacities offered. Constant work and effort from our staff, which combines impressive individual skill sets with highly qualified know how, has lead in recent years to House&Luxury being recognised as one of the key actors in the luxury real estate market, able to satisfy the requirements of our clients while guaranteeing them transparency, discretion and privacy. Particular attention is dedicated to the owners of properties that entrust the sale to us and whatever their specific requirements are we try our best to satisfy them. For this reason a lot of energy is invested in orientating our actions following an in-depth review with the client, to correctly interpret the client's requests to determine what needs to be done and the best means to do it. In this way a personalised service is rendered available to all clients guaranteeing you the maximum flexibility to define a correct sales strategy. Among the services which House&Luxury offers, we select the target reference by identifying serious and trustworthy potential buyers; we enhance the commercial appeal of properties using dedicated studies and services such as historic research or air photos; we set up direct marketing strategies for a given country or client base; we adopt high visibility promotional activities making the most of collaborations with international press and quality magazines; we use innovative communication strategies such as the internet, newsletters and our exclusive dedicated monographic photo-descriptive books; we guarantee our presence and assistance in foreign countries thanks to the support of our international partners. We intend to create a trust based relationship with our clients by offering our professionalism and all our resources to guarantee a successful transaction.
House & Luxury recommends and proposes to tenants the best rental solutions, then assisting them in all phases of the contractual negotiations and post-contractual. We can provide the best care in the search for dream home or property professional activities.
We advise the contractual formula best suited to meet special needs and always propose the best solutions.
Inform the customer about the updates of the technical, fiscal and regulatory, to advise about any discounts or important news relating to administrative procedures.
We find to the tenant all the necessary documentation, the condo fees to certifications, to ensure all relevant information to facilitate the choice of the property.
In order to add and improve to the services we offer to make sure our clients have every possible type of support, House&Luxury has established a close knit and highly communicative network of professionals and consultants specialised in law and finance with whom we are able to render a complete service. Foreign clients are able to take advantage of a team of internationally experienced consultants and professionals with specific knowledge of taxes and laws related to your country of origin, together with indispensable support in your mother tongue language to guarantee and safeguard in complete transparency the important business of the sale of a property. It is possible to drastically reduce and streamline this sometimes new experience while having the luxury of talking to just one trusted representative: House&Luxury Real Estate Solutions!